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How To Repair A Roof Leak

Roof leaks can cause the roof structure of a building to grow weaker and damage household items. As much as 90% of roof leaks are attributable to incorrect installation and imperfections in the roof flashings. Certain major roof repairs are clearly meant for experts, however one should be able to repair minor leaks and broken shingles without any help. Here are some tips on how one can fix and repair a roof leak.

There are a number of reasons why a roof may be leaking and is most likely due to extreme weather conditions. Certain roof leaks come about as a result of small problems and it could be anything from a broken shingle to a minor opening in a flashing. Roof leaks also take place due to the formation of ice dams where the gutters are located. This happens when snow melts and freezes and causes water to back up which leads to an immediate water leak. One can easily repair these kind of problems with the help of some basic tools.

One must clear the gutters along with any debris from the roof in order for rain water to flow in an unobstructed manner and in order to avoid the shingles from breaking which may be caused by the weight of the debris. It is essential to keep rain water pipes clean and clear and inspect them every once in a while in order to avoid leakage.

It is important to inspect the roof after a heavy downpour or a storm in order to make sure that the fasteners or hooks are intact. If the fasteners become loose due to extreme weather conditions, one should tighten it in order to prevent further damage and seepage.

It is essential to repair gutters immediately because they are used with the intention to pump out the rain water from the roof. One must also ensure that the missing or damaged shingles or sheets are replaced or fixed right away by using the necessary tools.

However certain situations or roofing problems may require the expertise of a professional roofer. If one is not able to get the roof leak patched up entirely and quickly, they must get in touch with an expert without delay since water damage can spread rapidly, even if it is a minor leak.

Planning and Setting Up Your Roof Maintenance Routine

For a majority of people, a roofing maintenance program is a brand new concept in extending and increasing the lifespan of a roof. Roofing can account for as much as 40% of the surface area of one’s home and is also the most costly replacement item on one’s home, therefore it seems sensible to develop and follow a maintenance schedule that will protect one’s roof. Proper planning and preventative maintenance is essential to maximize a home owner’s investment. By maintaining the roof on a regular basis, one will be able to fix any minor problems that may arise before they get worse.

Determined by one’s experience with roof repairs, one might either carry out the repairs themselves or hire a professional to do the job. One must however fix up a cleaning schedule in order to improve and enhance one’s roof.

One must take into consideration the following factors when setting up their roof maintenance routine:

Climate – Which season of the year should one carry out the repairs depends on the climate and weather conditions of one’s locality. The end of fall is most suitable and ideal to carry out maintenance work.

Flashings – Flashings are the materials that are used to provide a waterproof seal and act as supports to attach the roof to the house. Roof leaks can take place when flashings develop holes. Therefore, it is essential to inspect the flashings regularly during one’s maintenance routine.

Shingles – One must also look out for discoloured or faded shingles. This is a sign that these shingles have mold growing beneath them and need to be replaced immediately.

Water – Roofs should be given the once over for water accumulation..

Moss and Nails – One must check the roof for any stray nails that may be protruding. If found, these must be hammered down into place. It is also essential to inspect the entire roof for any moss that may be growing and get rid of them.

Roof type – The type of roof will also influence how one must get on with their repairs and maintenance work. With metal roofs, one simply needs to clean the roof regularly without carrying out too many repairs. An individual must clear the gutters from objects such as debris and leaves, which may clog up the gutters very easily. When it comes to single roofs, one not only needs to clean the roof, but must also perform frequent inspections to make sure there are no broken or damaged shingles.

If one takes proper care of their roof and performs inspections on a regular basis, there will be no need to hire a professional and one will be able to take care of most of the minor problems he or she stumbles upon.